Build your professional presence and win the trust and business of more prospects

We'll give you effective networking, business relationship building and etiquette strategies delivered with humour and actionable advice to help you earn new business and keep clients.

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Learn how to stand out from the crowd, negotiate conversations and build profitable relationships through personal brand development coaching, workshops and presentations led by Evan Thompson and Associates.


1:1 COACHING: Personal Brand

Personal coaching geared at helping individuals with strategic networking, business relations and etiquette tactics. Especially useful for those trying to create beneficial business relationships and differentiate themselves from the competition. Perfect for established professionals with clients and prospects at the C-Suite level. LEARN MORE HERE.

1:1 COACHING: Strategic Alliances

Personal coaching where participants begin to redefine their professional credibility and mannerisms to develop more strategic conversations and social skills. Perfect for C-Suite professionals looking to strengthen alliances with both fellow senior colleagues and senior decision makers outside the organization. LEARN MORE HERE.

1:1 COACHING: Communications

Evan is also known for his professional writing services and expertise specializing in ghost written articles for business audiences, speech writing for business presentations, marketing content development and delivery and newsletter content for practicing professionals. LEARN MORE HERE.


Workshops are often customized towards a team’s specific challenges and are geared towards developing conversational, presentation and networking skills so teams can better connect with clients, prospects and colleagues. LEARN MORE HERE.


Effective business building and networking etiquette tips delivered with humor and actionable advice taught through seminars, workshops and motivational talks. LEARN MORE HERE.

What people are saying

Susan Clarke

Partner, Director of Professional Development
"Evan Thompson recently led a practical session for Gowlings' Toronto articling students and first year associates on the art and science of business etiquette. Using gentle humour and active group role-play, Evan armed our participants to smoothly face common stressful business situation - from meeting new people to navigating a large social setting and eating dinner with clients. The Firm can now have confidence that our Gen Ys know how to represent the firm in a professional manner."